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Here at the Ackley Recreation Club, we have a variety of different types of memberships for singles, families, students and even college students! Not a golfer or meet with business clients regularly? Become a social member and take advantage of our food and drink discounts while still supporting the club! Full-members (that are non-employees) are also eligible to run for the annual board elections, enjoy green-fee free golf, and are able to join our Club Leagues!

New members are required to purchase stock at $10 per year for the first 10 years of their membership, the Club also holds an annual Stockholder meeting each January to review the previous year, vote for board members, and ask any questions of the Board!

Memberships are valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Those who pay before May 1st will be given a free membership pass (to give away) as well as guest golf passes!

Membership Types

Single Golf*

Over 18 years of age at the time of membership purchase.

Family Golf*

Parent(s) and their children, who are 18 years or younger and still in school.

College Student

Students between the ages of 18 and 23 who are enrolled in college.

Member Another Course (Single or Couple)

Membership for those who are members at another course, must show proof of other membership.

* Indicates membership eligible for the “Over 75”` membership rate.



(Before May 1)


(After May 1)

Single Golf$380$405
Single Golf (Over 75)$300$325
Family Golf$470$495
Family Golf (Over 75)$340$365
College Student$155$180
College Student (Parents Members)$120$145
Member Another Course (Single)$195$220
Member Another Course (Couple)$270$295


Motorized Cart Sheds (Trail Fees Included)$100
Trail Fees$55
Electricity for Sheds Housing Electric Carts$40

Membership Policies

- Membership fees will be set annually by the Board of Directors.

- These fees may include one or more of the following: membership (golf or social), cart shed, electric, trail fees, advertising (calendar, tee boxes, benches, drink cart).

- You must have a full-paid membership in order to rent a cart shed.

- One cart shed rental per paid membership.

- Those paying their fees on or before April 1st will receive 1 pass per joining member.

- Only married couples will be allowed to join at the family rate.

- Single rates are available to everyone.

- Members over 75 qualify for the discount rate. Only one family member needs to be over 75 to qualify.

Ackley Recreation Club LogoAckley Recreation Club Logo


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